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Our Major Wish

To always offer a helping hand to those that need it most so as to share Happiness.

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Children in Our Care

Light for the child center orphanage, Started in 2018, caring After 80 children, 45 Children are Orphans, 5 Disabled children.

Currently we have 14 Children our Humble Care supporting them through Educational Materials, Food, Clothing and Basic Health Care to them and thier Imediate Farmilies.


At Light For The Needy Child Center our mission is helping the the motherless and fatherless children and loving children is our priority.

This was inspired by our own story, coming from a polygamous family with over 18 siblings, life wasn't easy for us we had to care of ourselves and our younger siblings. having been through that life we stated light for the needy child center.

With Support from Freinds in Uganda including Family, we have set up a Child Support Center in Bugiri District working towards the Housing of Homeless children these coming from several once good homes but mostly have been disorganised by AIDS leading to the Death of the Support Family and also Street Children who rather have no where else to to.

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The Girl Child!

Education & Empowerment Support esspecially to the Girls:

Busoga Region into which Bugiri is located in Eastern Uganda along the Banks of the River Nile is the region with Highest cases of Teenage Preganancy and Child Marriage, Light for the Needy works with several Freinds and partners to offer Education Support to Girls in the Region to avert that!


Books for Education

This Program seeks at giving Education Scholastic Materials to School going Girls and Boys so as to support their Education efforts in Rural Communities.

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Back To School Program

This Program Focuses Specifically on Supporting Children who had dropped out of school to return, esspecailly those who had dropped out due to lack School Fees and other Scholastic Materials.

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Basic Health Support

With high Poverty Levels in the District many Girls Cant afford Sanitary Pads and families are very much affected by Malaria since they cant afford Mosquito Nets, Body Vasiline and Soap.

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Meet Our Team

Our Committed Team of Volunteers work and invest alot in supporting Children to Grow as responsible Citizens.